Rohtah is a proponent of natural healing practices and philosophies handed down from generations. In the sprit of life and healing, provide rejuvenation and inspiration. Rohtah pays homage and respectfully embraces the holistic approach mothers and grandmothers have upheld throughout years. Return and Restore Restorative Maternal Natural Recovery Generational Quality Herbal Aware Entrusted Heritage Adventurous Well-Being Healing Welcoming and Warm Holistic Education Advocacy Insightful Native Alleviating Harmonious Active Rooted Ancient Spiritual Part of our mission at Rohtah is to empower others the way trusted family members do through advice and counsel. Not only do we accomplish that goal through our products, but through our use of language as well. When embodying the Rohtah tone of voice, speak with both the strength and warmness of a strong mother or grandmother. Be direct but also spiritual. And most of all, use the concepts of healing and wellness to drive the point home.



Gaither Whaley, is an impactful leader in business architecture, business development and continuous improvement has been in the cannabis industry for 10+ years building skills, experience, and a network from soil to customer experience. Over the years collecting a vertical business network that shares the same core values and mission strengthens each partner ensuring customer satisfaction, retention, and success.


Deepak Panjwani is a professional cannabis connoisseur with years of cannabis, finance and compliance experience. He is currently the Director of Business Development for Sugarmade ($SGMD), a publicly traded OTC specializing in cannabis operations in California. Deepak has worn several hats in the cannabis industry which enables him to have a keen eye on the best type of products available on the market. In 2021, He was named to the Board of Directors for ECGI (Elite Cannabis Group Inc) a publicly traded OTC. By utilizing his corporate experience, he has been able to excel and boost productivity in the projects he works on. He is involved in a few different ongoing consulting projects that are in the infant stages, but with aspirations to get involved with cannabis in those states that have just opened up for adult use including New York, Michigan, and his home state of New Jersey. Before transitioning to the cannabis industry professionally, Mr. Panjwani booked over 11 years of corporate finance and compliance with Bloomberg LP, New York Life Insurance Company and HSBC Bank.


Doug Whaley is an American football professional with an extensive background in American football operations, player evaluation, and player personnel system development. Doug spent 22 years as an NFL executive, leading the personnel department for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2000 – 2010, during which time the team won two Super Bowl titles. He then joined the Buffalo Bills in 2010 as Assistant General Manager and served as General Manager from 2014-17. During his tenure the Bills produced 11 Pro Bowl players and two All-Pro players. Doug served as Senior Vice President of Football Operations for the XFL 2.0 from 2018-2020.